Excommunication was a big deal in early churches history (back when they used to burn witches at the stake and kill people for Christianity’s sake); but today, most Christian churches recognize that Jesus’ Atonement is enough to forgive the standard no-no’s.‚Ä©Even Mormons have decided that excommunication is an extreme thing to do. With some exceptions of course. Continue reading Excommunication


Children are THAT important

ALL of the recorded miracles Jesus performed when He was here in divine/human form was done in the presence of the least of these (Matt 25:40). He never performed them to the Religious leaders, the privileged, the powerful. He performed His miracles and shared His Gospel in front of the most vulnerable, least powerful, least privileged, most oppressed. He valued the women, the children–the outcast and discarded peoples of society. The ones that were seen and not heard, the servants, not the served–the homeless and the nameless sent to the outskirts of their communities by the societies that oppressed and bore them. Continue reading Children are THAT important