Let me get this straight….

To other Faithful and Believing Mormons only:

I am interpreting something that I need clarification on. Here is how I am interpreting it:

Gay people are in an impossible position. Here is what the Church currently teaches:

1. It’s ok if you’re gay (MormonandGay website). 😊 Yay! Progress!


2. You can’t ever ACT like you’re gay (pursue the same things chaste youth or adults pursue—like dating or hand holding etc).

3. If you’re gay and go on a mission and happen to let anyone know that you’re gay, your mission president will conduct a mandatory “threat assessment,” (given to those suspected of porn use, beastiality, pedophilia, and homosexuality). This assessment asks probing questions, such as if you can have normal relationships with someone of your same gender, and the results of the assessment is evaluated by Church legal counselors, who then decide if you get to stay on a mission or not. This “threat assessment” is not given to any straight missionary (unless suspected pornography, beastiality, or pedophilia issues are suspected). Gay missionaries are told that someone who has same sex attraction is considered more guilty in the eyes of the church than anyone who has committed serious violations of the law of chastity and is straight. EVEN if the person who is gay has never acted on it.

4. Nobody can have sex outside of marriage, which is ordained of God.

5. If you’re gay, you cannot get married and if you do get married, the Church will excommunicate you and make it so your kids can’t be baptized until they are 18, and disavow you.

6. So essentially—quick recap—it’s “ok” to be gay, it’s just not ever ever ever EVER “ok” to “BE” gay.

PLEASE tell me my rudimentary take on this is incorrect and where the flaws are. Because these sound cruel and vicious.




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